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After spending a lot of time in luxury 5 star hotels around the world, I felt compelled to start a blog after noticing that many of them offered substandard coffee, both during breakfast, as well as during the day.  Hence my decision to start a hotel coffee blog!!

In this first Blog we talk about Al Bustan Palace, Ritz Carlton, Muscat, Oman

This is one of the top 2 luxury resorts in Muscat and comes at a USD 600+ a night cost. At breakfast, we discovered that the hotel prepared the coffee using an automatic Nespresso machine (with the well-known capsules). The cappuccino was reasonable but was not what we expected from a luxury breakfast.  The true shocker came when we went to the beach bar/ restaurant for an espresso.  An espresso coffee cost USD 10 (!!) and we discovered to our horror that the hotel used exactly the same automatic Nespresso machine as at breakfast.  No barista and no preparation! So for USD 10, we were getting a standard Nespresso coffee from a capsule costing USD 0.30 with no preparation effort!

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At least, they offered a Turkish coffee prepared in the traditional way but for an addition USD 1.

Total Grade 5/10