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La Mamounia, Marrakech

After 25 years, I am back staying at one of the top 5 hotels worldwide, La Mamounia.  And it is as beautiful and magical as I remembered it all those years ago!   On walking through the hotel on the first day, we spotted an expensive Victoria Arduino Italian coffee machine in one of the restaurants  – something we were not expecting in a place like Marrakech. So we had high expectations for the coffee at breakfast. But, the cappuccinos we ordered were a huge disappointment: watery and insipid. How could the coffee brewed in such an amazing coffee machine end up like this?  We discovered from the waiter that they only used an automatic coffee machine at breakfast to make coffee.   Trying hard to make up for our delusion, he offered to make us a fresh herb Moroccan tea which was actually delicious. 

So we tried later to get a good coffee from the bar.  Imagine our horror to discover that the Victoria Arduino machine was NEVER used! It was just decoration… and the bar only prepared coffee using a Nespresso machine with capsules (of which one had an unlimited free supply in ones bedroom).  Why does such a high end hotel offer clients the same coffee at the bar and restaurants for a considerable price that they can brew themselves in their room?!  Surely one needs to offer something special?  Sadly, Marrakech is not a place to get good coffee. Stick to the delicious tea 🙂

Grade 2/10

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